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 AGGRESSIVE DOG “Causes & Solutions”

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PostSubject: AGGRESSIVE DOG “Causes & Solutions”   Sun Apr 18, 2010 12:16 am

AGGRESSIVE DOG “Causes & Solutions”

It’s never been as common as now—the fact that dogs
are attacking people, causing horrific injuries that
sometimes lead to death. Is the sobriquet “dogs are
man’s best friends” fair and true? Why do some dogs
turn aggressive while others remain calm?
There are three undeniable facts that pertain to dogs:
First, that nearly all dogs have an inherent protective
instinct; Second, that though each dog is born with a
definite temperament, it can be changed and molded by
training and environment; Third, dog and master
develop a strong bond very soon into their relationship
which goes on to give the dog a sixth sense – one that
includes knowing his master’s likes and dislikes.
This is why calm and mild tempered people have dogs
of a similar nature while nervous and bad tempered
people have dogs that mirror their personalities. In fact,
a dog can also pick up a pet owner’s prejudices against
race or class. Like us, dogs too can err. Sometimes, they
misinterpret an action or fail to recognize a person and
attack him out of the blue.
Another reason for a dog’s aggressive nature is his
ancestry that goes back to the wolves of the wild. Some
breeds like the pit bull are said to be more aggressive
than others. In fact, it is known to be the cause of 72%
of all deaths by dogs in the United States. And, it
attacks without provocation.
The pit bull is the dog of choice of gangsters and street
thugs who use this breed as weapons and because they
make for good watchdogs. They are intentionally ill
treated so as to bring out their aggressiveness. This
obviously means that with gentle treatment aggression
can be sorted out. However, the basic nature of a dog
will always remain and may surface under certain
If a dog ever attacks you, don’t panic because a dog
will chase anything that moves. Instead, speak casually
to him as if you know him, backing away slowly. Don’t
use any sudden or jerky movements. If you have a
book, handbag or anything else in your hands, keep it
between you and the dog.
If a dog bites you, go to a doctor immediately. Let the
police know and give them a description of the dog. If
the police is able to identify the dog, they will tell you if
you need to take rabies shots.

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AGGRESSIVE DOG “Causes & Solutions”
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